sunslice solar kit for hiking and camping with portable 6 watt solar panel and 5000mAh power bank

Nomad Kit: 24W Solar Panel + 27000mAh power bank

Sale price€289,99

Power through your remote work and extensive travel demands with the Nomad Solar Kit, which pairs a potent 24-watt flexible, foldable solar panel (Fusion Flex 24) with a high-capacity 27000mAh battery (Gravity 27). This premium kit is engineered for professionals and tech enthusiasts who require a reliable power source for their laptops, drones, smartphones and other high-drain devices while on the move.

With state-of-the-art CIGS solar technology achieving a high efficiency at low weight, the Fusion Flex 24 excels in converting sunlight into electrical energy quickly and effectively. Its solar panels are fortified with a scratchproof and water-resistant ETFE coating, providing resilience against harsh environmental elements and ensuring durability for long-term use.

The kit's 24 Watt solar panel includes an 18W USB-A  port and an 18W USB-C port along with an unregulated DC5521 output, and a charging indicator, enhancing its functionality by allowing simultaneous charging of multiple devices quickly. Additionally, the 27000mAh power bank features a 100 Watt USB-C output, capable of charging power hungy devices such as drones and laptops. This feature is crucial for remote workers and digital nomads who need to stay powered and productive in locations without traditional power access.

Compared to the smaller Explorer solar Kit, which is tailored for extended outdoor activities with its 20000mAh battery and 18W portable solar panel, the Nomad Solar kit offers an even larger battery and more powerful panel, designed specifically to handle the higher energy demands of laptop charging. It fills the gap between conventional solar chargers and the more robust Basecamp solar kit, which is suited for setting up longer-term remote workstations with its 40000mAh capacity and its huge 48 Watt solar panel.

Whether setting up a temporary office in the wilderness or journeying across continents, the Nomad Solar Kit ensures that your laptops and essential gadgets remain charged and ready to use, making it an indispensable tool for those who need to blend mobility with significant power capacity.

woman hiking with a portable solar panel for camping attached to her backpack