sunslice portable 48 watt solar panel and 40000mAh power bank nomad kit

BASECAMP KIT: 48W solar panel + 40'000mAh power bank

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Equip your long-term expeditions and remote workstations with the Basecamp Solar Kit, the pinnacle of portable solar solutions. This powerhouse kit features a robust 48-watt flexible, foldable solar panel (Fusion Flex 48) paired with an impressive 40000mAh power bank battery (Gravity 40), tailor-made for sustaining high-demand energy needs, including laptop charging in the most isolated settings.

The advanced CIGS solar technology embedded in the Basecamp offers an exceptional efficiency at low weight, allowing for rapid and reliable energy conversion even under varied environmental conditions. The panels are coated with a scratchproof and water-resistant ETFE, engineered to withstand harsh weather and rugged use, ensuring your energy source remains uninterrupted.

With its comprehensive fast charge dual USB ports, USB-C port and DC output junction box, the Fusion Flex 48 solar panel facilitates direct charging of multiple devices including laptops, smartphones, cameras, and even small appliances, making it ideal for group settings and remote work needs. This versatility makes it superior to the Nomad solar Kit, which also supports laptop charging but at a lower capacity and energy output.

The Basecamp Solar Kit is designed for those who require a semi-permanent installation capable of supporting a variety of devices over prolonged periods. It is the ultimate solution for remote teams, scientific expeditions, and extended stays in off-grid locations, providing a dependable and expansive power supply that goes beyond traditional portable chargers.

Whether you are leading a research team, managing a remote project, or setting up a camp for extensive outdoor activities, the Basecamp solar Kit ensures that all your critical equipment stays powered up, enabling seamless productivity and essential comfort far from conventional power sources.

woman hiking with a portable solar panel for camping attached to her backpack