sunslice portable 18 watt solar panel and 20000mAh power bank nomad kit

EXPLORER KIT: 18 Watts + 20000 mAh power bank

Sale price€179,99

Step up to the challenges of prolonged outdoor adventures with the Explorer Kit, a robust combination of an 18-watt flexible, foldable solar panel (Fusion Flex 18) and a capacious 20000mAh power bank battery (Gravity 20). Designed for the dedicated adventurer, this kit is crafted to support sustained energy needs far from traditional power sources.

Utilizing advanced CIGS solar technology with an impressive efficiency and low weight, the Fusion Flex 18 captures and converts sunlight more effectively, ensuring rapid recharging of its large battery. Each solar cell is encased in a scratchproof and water-resistant ETFE coating, capable of withstanding extreme conditions without faltering.

Featuring a dual USB port junction box with a charging indicator, this kit facilitates efficient energy management, allowing you to charge larger devices such as tablets and GPS units, alongside multiple smartphones. This makes it more versatile and powerful compared to the Trekker Kit, which is better suited for weekend trips and lighter use with its 10000mAh battery and smaller 12 Watt panel.

While the Explorer Kit offers significant charging power and durability for extended trips, it remains highly portable. The panel folds down neatly, integrating into your gear without the bulk, yet it provides a larger power reserve and solar power output than the Trekker Kit. This makes it an ideal bridge between the more compact Trekker Kit and the even more substantial Nomad Kit, which caters to remote workers and tech-heavy travelers with its 27000mAh battery and 24W panel for higher electronic demands.

Whether you're leading a group, setting up a base camp, or embarking on a long-distance trek, the Explorer Solar Kit is the ultimate power solution, balancing portability with significant energy capacity to keep all your devices charged throughout your journey.

woman hiking with a portable solar panel for camping attached to her backpack