sunslice portable 6 watt solar panel and 5000mAh power bank nomad kit

SCOUT KIT: 6 Watts Solar Panel + 5000 mAh power bank

Sale price€79,99

Embark on your day trips and light excursions with confidence using the Scout solar Kit, combining our Fusion Flex 6, a 6-watt flexible, foldable solar panel with our compact 5000mAh battery, the Gravity 5. This kit is perfect for casual hikers, festival-goers, or anyone needing a lightweight power boost during short outdoor activities.

Featuring innovative CIGS solar technology with a high efficiency and low weight, the Fusion Flex 6 solar panel efficiently converts sunlight into usable power, suitable for topping off small devices like smartphones and cameras. The panels are protected with a scratchproof and water-resistant ETFE coating, ensuring durability against light environmental exposure.
Although smaller in scale, the Scout offers a practical dual USB port junction box with a charging indicator, simplifying the management of charging one or two devices on the go. Its portable design easily outmatches traditional bulky chargers, folding down to a compact size that fits effortlessly into any backpack or daypack.

The Scout Kit stands as the entry-level option within our range, ideal for users who require less power and shorter usage intervals compared to the Trekker Kit, which offers an 12W solar panel and a 10000mAh battery for weekend adventures, and the Explorer Kit, designed for longer, more demanding trips with its 20000mAh battery and an 18W solar panel.

Whether you’re exploring a local hiking trail or enjoying outdoor festivals, the Scout Kit provides just the right amount of power to keep your essential devices charged without the weight and bulk of larger units, making it the ultimate companion for quick and light travels.

woman hiking with a portable solar panel for camping attached to her backpack