sunslice portable 12 watt solar panel and 10000mAh power bank nomad kit

TREKKER KIT: 12 Watts Solar Panel + 10000 mAh power bank

Sale price€129,99

Embark on your adventures with the Trekker Solar Kit, a seamless blend of a 12-watt flexible, foldable solar charger (our Fusion Flex 12) and a robust 10000mAh battery (Gravity 10). Engineered for the active traveler, this kit features the latest in CIGS solar technology with a high efficiency and low weight, ensuring fast and efficient energy harvesting.

The solar cells are encased in a scratchproof and water-resistant ETFE coating, making them durable against all weather conditions and rough handling, ideal for use in demanding outdoor environments. Unlike traditional panels, these flexible cells are unbreakable, offering peace of mind during rugged excursions.

The Fusion Flex 12 is equipped with a dual USB port junction box that includes a charge indicator, making it easy to manage power for two devices simultaneously. Complementing the solar panel is the included 10000mAh battery, which serves as a reliable power reserve, capable of charging a standard smartphone in just 2 hours.

This kit folds to an A4 size for easy packing, fitting effortlessly into any backpack while offering significant charging capacity. It’s ideal for weekend hikers, camping enthusiasts, and frequent travelers who need a more substantial power source than the Scout Kit but less bulk than the larger Explorer Kit.

The Trekker Kit strikes a perfect balance between portability and power, providing ample energy for charging smartphones, cameras, and other essential devices on the go.

woman hiking with a portable solar panel for camping attached to her backpack