Volta: Powerful Elegance

Volta: Powerful Elegance

Most smartphones at the end of the day are left with no energy left, leaving people with the anxiety of not having a usable phone in crucial situations and problems that could arise from those. That statement was the basis of the conception of the Volta. The Volta was made so that people would never have to suffer from those anxieties ever again, while providing at the same time a useful powerbank and a stylish wallet.

What was born from this statement, allied with the hard-work and dedication of our working teams, is a truly stylish product and a staple for man’s fashion. The genuine leather makes for a beautiful design and the hand-made wallet from our experienced craftsman makes it a versatile item for your business life, your journeys and your daily life. Its light weight and slimness, with and without the included battery, makes it easily forgivable in your pocket.

If fully charged, the included battery can charge your smartphone up to 2 times and in only an hour. When the battery is out of energy, the included cable will allow you to charge it through the use of a standard wall plug. This cable is a 3-in-1 cable, allowing you to use the Volta to charge multiple devices. It is compatible with Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning.

The cardholder can contain up to 12 cards. What is unique to this cardholder is that it is RFID certified. The wallet is built with a protection layer around it, making it impossible for data thieves to steal important information from your cards. Your cards are protected against data thieves, making the Volta a reliable protector of your data and a wonderful present for Father’s Day !

So, what are you waiting for ? Go grab one for you or your father and enjoy the Volta to its fullest !