Fusion : Adventures awaiting you

Fusion : Adventures awaiting you

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We all like adventures. The thrill of discovering a forest. The joy of arriving at the top of a hill. The adrenaline of surfing a big wave. Skiing down a mountain at full speed. The fascination of diving in the deep sea. But to fully enjoy those experiences, we believe a good bag is essential. And here, enter the Fusion.

The Fusion is a powerful and lightweight solar panel bag with a built-in pocket, so that it can contain a power bank battery or even your phone to charge on the go. It was created especially to support you in your travels. The high-quality nylon makes for a really good fabric, resulting in a stylish and durable finish. It’s ideal for festivals, for hiking, backpacking and much more.

The solar panel is one of the most efficient one of its kind. It’s a 6-watt solar panel that allows you to quickly charge any of your device at any step of your travel. The back pocket of the bag is made for your devices, allowing you to transport multiples devices and batteries with you in your Fusion solar charger.

The solar panel is also removable from the bag. When removed, you can easily attach it to your tent, thanks to the included support points, and charge your devices when setting up your tent for a break. And when your break is done, you can attach it back to your bag and go on with your adventure or festival !

One of the cool features of the Fusion is that it is waterproof. You can peacefully rest by the river or near the sea, knowing that the bag won’t be damaged by water.

The additional Sunslice battery with the included cable allows you to charge your numerous devices while travelling, that you can put in the back pocket of your Fusion.

This will make you completely energy independent during your travels! So what are you waiting for? Grab your solar charger and get out there!