Photon : Redefining the vision of the solar charger

Photon : Redefining the vision of the solar charger

Why the Sunslice Photon is probably the best solar charger out there
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The Photon is Sunslice’s approach at how a solar charger should look like. This ingenious product is the fruit of hard-work, dedication and willingness to deliver the best product possible on the market. It was made with the idea that solar charger could not only be more efficient, but also more stylish. From this perspective, was born the smallest solar portable charger in the world.


What truly differentiates this product from its competitors is its compact form factor, allowing you to harness the power of the sun from a pocket-size device, making it the perfect lightweight companion for people on the go.

Under the sun, the Photon only takes 3h to fully charge your device. But what about if there is no sun at sight? No need to worry, we thought about it for you. If the Photon is already charged up, plugging your phone on the battery will fully charge it in only an hour. You can also charge the Photon with a regular wall plug.

With its massive 4000 mAh battery able to fully charge your smartphone twice, you won’t have to care about your battery life and will be able to travel with a freer mind than ever before, allowing you to enjoy your experiences to their fullest. It also comes equipped with a 3-in-1 cable that is compatible with Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning. You’ll be able to enjoy the Photon throughout all your devices. It also comes with a cardholder, keeping all your credit cards in a convenient spot while you're hiking and enjoying nature.

Another key feature of the Photon is its premium look-and-feel. We didn’t want the Photon to be just another cheap power bank made of plastic. We wanted it to also be a part of your style. You will be amazed by the feeling of its vegan faux leather, making it not only efficient, resistant and cruelty-free, but remaining stylish as well. 

The Photon has all the characteristics you might need from a portable solar battery and is the perfect companion for your next adventure.