By Terra Viator

Off Road with my Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4

Gravity 486, Fusion 150,
Fusion Flex 18, Gravity 20, Trident Cable


My life motto is "where the road ends, the fun starts".

I've been traveling with my Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 to campsites and offroad events in the Benelux area. Planning for more trips towards Scandinavia or Spain. Local trips and events I hope to do once a month. 

The Vitara is lifted and outfitted with a large awning, rooftoptent, some storage space and a small fridge so all I need for the trips is right there. That brought me to the next step of being offgrid on my trips and started using the Fusion Flex 18 Watts Solar Panel and Gravity 20'00 mAh powerbank.

I've been using this setup every day since I bought it and I rarely use the wall sockets anymore to charge my phone and tablet.

all credits 📸 to Terra Viator

In the outdoors, I find the 18 Watts Fusion Flex solar panel very practical because you can place it anywhere you want. Using the cordage you can hang it where you seem fit, some branches in a tree, on your tent, car or table.
Mount it on a backpack or just put it on the ground or other sunny surface and the powerbank is charged in no time ready to charge any of my devices where ever i want.

The setup works perfectly and I decided to make my camping experience even more practical by purchasing the Gravity 486Wh Generator with 150W Solar Panel.

For me the step to be truly self sufficient when traveling has been made and I now can power my lighting, fridge and other larger electrical devices on the campsite. No more worries if there is power at the campground for the fridge and I can use mounted lights in and outside the car instead of using flashlights and lanterns.

Enjoy the outdoors, keep it clean and have fun out there !

Terra Viator, Adventurer