By Lucas Lepage


Fusion Flex 24, Gravity 20, Trident Cable

Sunslice :
"What is your biggest challenge on your adventures
(apart from feeding yourself & staying alive)?"

Lucas :
"For me: figuring out how to stay powered to bring you back inspiring images.
I have been using the Sunslice gear since recently. I’m much lighter than when I used to carry extra batteries. It’s under the Norwegian sun that I tested the gear for the first time (that resists to very low temperatures) & I’ll soon take it to the southern hemisphere…
Fusion Flex 24 solar panel & Gravity 20 have been perfect to stay autonomous and charge my drone to bring you beautiful images. Stay tuned!"

all credits 📸 to Lucas Lepage

With no experience of the extreme cold and afraid of dogs, Lucas has become a musher (driving a dogsled over snow), and this is only one of his many adventures ➡️ check out his profile!

We are super proud of supporting adventurers all around the globe in all kind of environments, either directly like Lucas or thanks to our solar technology!

Thanks to them, our gear is pushed to its limits and constantly improved so that YOU get the best solar products for YOUR adventures 🤗

Live your dreams! Comfort is boring, risk is thrilling, the unknown is exhilarating! […] Like me: make the Earth your playground!

Lucas Lepage, Adventurer