About Us


It all started with two passionate engineering students , Henri & Geoffroy, who wanted to stop smartphones running out of battery all the time. They dreamed of a way to have an infinite power source available at all times. They imagined a solar charger the size of a credit card, so thin that it could fit in a wallet and always be at hand. A true Slice of the Sun. And that's how Sunslice was born.

Our entrepreneurship journey started with a simple cardboard prototype, a couple of contests and a first trip to Silicon Valley, at the heart of the newest technologies.
It was followed by 3 years of learning, research and hard work to build our first prototype, and start our first company. We tried to launch in via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which didn't work out as we'd hoped. We raised about 67% of our 70'000€ goal, in 30 days. Based on our backers support and advice, we re-designed our solar charger and developed the Photon, a powerful pocket-sized solar charger, with an integrated battery and cable.

Since then, we have shipped Photons to over 20 countries, and they are available in over 100 stores worldwide. We have also expanded the Sunslice products range to power not only hikers, but also cyclists, bikers, campers, festival attenders etc.


Our mission is simple. We want to provide Energy Anywhere. No more low-battery ever again! Our cell phone is our most used tool nowadays, but its useless without battery.

Whether you are hiking, at a festival, at work, in your car, walking your dog or enjoying the sunshine on a beach during your holidays, we will make sure you always have enough juice to keep you going.

We design our products to have the highest quality standard, and to provide the highest added value to our customers.


Our team is composed of Henri (left) and Geoffroy (right), two good friends with a common project.

Geoffroy and Henri co-founded Sunslice. Geoffroy graduated as a construction engineer, and is in charge of business development and finances. Henri graduated as an electromechanical engineer, and is in charge of R&D, material sourcing and logistics.

We are both happy to help find the best solution for you, whether it be for B2C or B2B.