Camping at the summit of Mont Blanc

Camping at the summit of Mont Blanc

Press release concerning the Mont-Blanc ascent and bivouac by the adventurer "Instinct Sauvage"

Sunslice was launched in 2017 by two young engineers then students passionate about travel and adventure, and aims to offer solutions allowing energy autonomy, as well for hikers as for individuals who wish to equip themselves to face the current energy crisis, passing by cyclists, mountaineers and many others.

As part of our activities we regularly support adventurers and people with various projects, in order to demonstrate the efficiency and versatility of our equipment in various situations and environments.

Axel is a young hiker and mountaineer, with a real desire to transmit his passion and his adventures, especially through his Youtube channel "Instinct Sauvage". He is one of the adventurers that we support in a global and continuous way, by providing him with Sunslice equipment so that he can carry out his expeditions and projects. This partnership started while he was still a student and allows him to have access to excellent equipment that he would otherwise have had difficulty financing. In exchange, Sunslice benefits from his precious feedback which allows us to improve our products, visuals for our communications as well as some visibility through his adventures. He has carte blanche concerning the choice of his adventures and we are not involved in their organization.

Sunslice's main goal is to allow everyone to fully enjoy nature. It goes without saying that we advocate respect for nature, as well as respect for the rules and laws that govern the sports and cultural practices that take place there. However, it is up to our users, clients and partners to respect them. As previously mentioned, Sunslice was neither at the origin of the "Bivouac on Mont Blanc" project, nor involved in its organization, and was not aware of the legal framework of the expedition, as this is not our responsibility.

We still do not know for sure what the legal framework of the expedition was. However, we are convinced that Axel and Alexis are experienced mountaineers who respect nature and the practice of their sport, who were motivated by the desire to surpass themselves and to share their adventure as they had done for their previous adventures, and that if there was indeed a legal fault, there was no intention on their part to flout the rules, nor was there any bad faith.

Concerning the complaint lodged by Mr. Peillex against us, we understand his dissatisfaction with the case in view of his responsibility as Mayor of the territory concerned. However, we deplore his unconstructive approach and lack of dialogue, having dragged Sunslice into a media polemic by implying our complicity and bad faith, without even attempting to contact us beforehand in order to clearly establish the facts. His comments about Sunslice are inaccurate and defamatory.